Tax Advice for Property Owners

Tax Advice for Property Owners

All businesses, be they trading or investing, need to maximise their revenues and minimise costs. For a successful business tax is often the single largest outgoing. Unfortunately the payment of tax is one of life’s two great certainties. You are however under no obligation to volunteer extra.

As real estate tax specialists our role is to assist you in maximising claims for the reliefs and allowances to which you are entitled. This is to make sure the correct amount of tax is paid and not a penny more. There is no need to tip HMRC!

Won’t my accountant already be doing this on my behalf?

It is unlikely they will have the relevant experience or sector knowledge to be able to provide the level of advice we can in this niche area. The fact that your accountant does not cover the areas we do in the same depth is no negative reflection on them. Here in the UK we have a vast and complex set of legislation underpinning the tax systems. No one person or firm could be an authority on all of it. We work in conjunction with many general accountants in very much the same way a medical GP might refer a patient to a heart specialist!

We provide expert advice across the board for real estate related tax matters. However a large proportion of our work falls into the following categories.

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  • Historic Capital Allowance Claims on Fixtures

  • Capital Allowance Advice when Buying or Selling

  • Review of Renovation/Build Expenditure

  • Transaction Reviews

Whilst the above covers a lot of the work we do it is by no mean exhaustive. If you own a commercial or residential building there will almost certainly be areas where we can add value. We pride ourselves on operating in a transparent and open manner when it comes to fees. All charges and engagements will be agreed and set out in writing prior to chargeable work commencing. So give us a call today for a free initial appraisal.