Tax Advice for Accountants

Tax Advice for Accountants

As you are aware accounting and tax are two distinct disciplines. Despite the best efforts of the ONS we still have an extremely complex system of taxes underpinned by a mass of ever growing legislation. No individual or firm could be an authority on all of it.

Here at STax we work in conjunction with accountants to provide tax advice in one of the more niche areas, real estate. In the same way that a medical GP might refer a patient to a heart specialist the role of the accountant is to identify when a need for specialist advice has arisen. Especially now post Mehjoo, every firm should have a panel of different discipline specialists they can turn to when client’s requirements go beyond the firm’s core competencies. Some (certainly Mr Mehjoo) would even say accountants are under a duty of care to ensure this is the case. We would be delighted to work with you and be your real estate tax experts.

The firms we have worked with have found our advice particularly useful in the following areas.

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  • Capital Allowances - Fixtures

  • Transference of fixtures

  • Transactional advice

  • ATED

As well as providing advice direct to your clients we can also supply you with a number of supporting resources, including:

  • Draft emails to bring these tax related matters to you clients’ attention
  • Articles for newsletters
  • Model documents e.g. s198 elections
  • Technical briefs for use within your practice
  • Training for you and your staff so they can identify areas of risk & opportunity

If you have any clients who are involved in real estate or who own property, contact us today for a chat to find out how we can assist you and your clients.